LOVE Week & US

There is no Corner Store NYC Inc without giving back. Not long after The Corner Store NYC Inc was born we decided one of the most important aspects of what we did was that it was something that we could teach others to do. We are from communities that have been under-served, communities that have been long forgotten when the discussion of access and capitalism is being discussed. we come from communities where there are no invitations being sent out to challenge our young people to create businesses in the very congressional districts that have 16,000 dollar per capita statistics. So we decided that what we do is a tool of empowerment. So we came up with RUN Movement and we started teaching young people about entrepreneurship. We didn't do it alone, volunteers were plentiful that was how we added podcasting and Girls Who Code. And Citizens Community of New York City gave us grants to keep our goals going. So starting December 16th we will be kicking off LOVE Week with RUN Movement and for every sweatshirt and hat we sell we will match by giving away one during the month of December not just during LOVE Week. RUN Movement will be doing a week of activities founded in love, from warm meals served, to giving away hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, sweatshirts and having seminars and workshops. Join Us as we celebrate the season together during LOVE Week together December 16th-December 22nd 2019.