How We Got Started

In 2003 I started working at Kinko's which some of you will remember before they enveloped into FedEx. I walked past a store with a t-shirt that had poetry and art all over it. I knew then I wanted to do that. So I went home and thought about how could I create something as cool as the shirt I saw. 

I went into an art store and started painting on everything I owned, my t-shirts, my hoodies, and sweat jackets. I used everything from my feet and hands to a potato masher and old keys to create patterns on clothing. And I wore them everywhere I went. I knew nothing about the business of selling shirts. I was an artist and that's all I thought about. Learning the business wasn't easy, but I read every book, I followed every website and looked up every idea. Eventually I made appointments with the SBA (Small Business Association), and took whatever class they offered.

I didn't have much money, I bought my tees on sale in the clearance section of Walmart. I didn't have a heat press machine. I used my imagination initially, and then I was blessed with a benefactor who bought me a heat press and large format printer and I started making designs on someone else's Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs. That's how the dream of The Corner Store NYC Inc started. Like the lotto, just a dollar a DREAM . . . and one heluva imagination.